26 Job Sites for Freelance Programmers

Top Job Sites for Freelance Programmers and Designers

Freelance marketplaces offer a consistent flow of clients by connecting talented freelancers with employers around the world. Some of the most well-known marketplaces are Freelancer, Upwork, etc. offering a variety of jobs ranging from writing and design to software development, data entry, engineering, sales, marketing, legal services, and accounting.


Job Sites for Freelance Programmers and Designers


These large marketplaces are a great place to enter the freelance market, but specialization is the name of the game. For freelance designers and programmers, we recommend the following websites to find work:

1. 99designs

Designers compete in “contests” to offer the best logo, web design, apps, clothing, packaging, book/magazine, illustrations, and more. If, after seven days, your design wins the contest, you receive the predetermined “prize money” for the project, your work is copyrighted (to the client), and you earn a preferred slot for future tasks with that employer.


2. Coroflot

Coroflot is a company created and run by designers.  The site connects designers with potential job opportunities in a range of verticals including graphics, UX, fashion, illustration, architecture, industrial, and 3D modeling. The site focuses on great design, and using the site is free. Designers will also benefit from the portfolio advice, hiring tips, and salary surveys.


3. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd divides design opportunities into four categories: web design, graphic design, print design, and corporate identity. Freelance design jobs have two distinct phases. The first phase is where a customer receives quotes from designers interested in working on their project. The customer then selects a designer, pays for the quote, and the selected designer works on producing the designs for the customer. What separates DesignCrowd from other crowdsourced marketplaces is that designers are eligible for payment (usually about $20 to $50) simply for participating in a design contest…even if they don’t win.


4. Dice

Anyone seeking a technology job in the U.S. should investigate Dice. With job board offerings for project managers, business analysts, QA analysts, Java programmers, developers for iOS and Android, and many other areas of the IT world, Dice offers a variety of technology oriented positions. The site also provides information on training programs, tips for preparing a CV, and discussion forums.


5. GetACoder

An international freelance platform, established in 2004, GetACoder offers employers a place to post jobs for free. To the freelancer, the site provides wonderful opportunities to bid on projects. Turnover is rapid, and projects are generally priced to move quickly.


6. Jsninja Jobs

This site is fundamentally a message board of job postings for technology lovers, though job-seekers may filter according to “developer,” “designer,” or “writer.” The site caters to freelancers in the U.S., but is also available for those in Canada and the U.K., as well as other developed countries.


7. Programmer Meet Designer

A creative business matchmaking service, Programmer Meet Designer (PMD) recognizes that those who have excellent design skills and those who are adept programmers are rarely the same people. The site introduces programmers and designers by having each post projects of interest to the other, for mutual benefit.

programmer meet designer

8. Project4hire

This freelance marketplace requires contractors to pay a small commission once awarded a project. Apart from this, it is easy to use and a great platform to post projects and find freelance jobs for coders, consultants, graphic designers, and software developers.



Additional Web Design/Development Resources

9.  Authentic Jobs
10. Crowd Spring
11. Freelance Designers
12. FreelanceWebmarket
13. Joomlancers
14. LogoMyWay
15. People Per Hour
16. Pro-Freelance
17. Webdirections Jobs
18. WordPress Freelance
19. Behance Job
20. We Work Remotely
21. Guru
22. IFreelance
23. Krop
24. Simply Hired
25. Smashing Jobs
26. Sologig

As you grow your client list and add skills to your repertoire, you can determine which projects to accept and which clients to work with. To achieve this status, you must diversify yourself among large-scale marketplaces, industry specific (niche) marketplaces, and job boards. Do you have any suggestions to offer programmers and designers looking for work? Let us know in the comments below.

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