Ask Your Employer to Leave Feedback

Is your oDesk profile short on employer feedback? Although it is common practice for both parties to leave feedback as soon as the contract has ended, there are times when employers choose not to.

As a hardworking contractor, you know that feedback scores are essential when applying for jobs – so you may need to step up and ask your employer to leave a comment. Here are five tips to help you make the request:

Tip #1: Give your employer every reason to give you positive feedback.

Finish all tasks, assignments, projects and leftover work within your deadlines and before the contract ends. Exemplary work and great communication skills will surely merit five-star feedback from your employer – and if your employer is clearly happy with your performance, it will be easier for you to ask for positive feedback.

Tip #2: Ask your employer for feedback in a professional manner.

There are many ways to ask an employer for feedback, but you must always do so in a professional manner that isn’t too demanding or annoying. If your main form of communication is email, for instance, you can ask for feedback using this kind of message:

Hello [employer’s name],

It looks like our contract is coming to an end in two weeks. It has been a great experience for me, and I look forward to receiving your sincere feedback rating for my services as well as your thoughts on the work experience as a whole.

From there, you can emphasize how receiving his feedback on oDesk will significantly help boost your chances of finding more work and improve your standing as an oDesk contractor.

Tip #3: Thank your employer.

thank-you-note-blue-150x150Before ending your message, thank your employer. It is always nice to give and receive appreciation, especially after all the work is done and the project has finally reached completion.

If the project was successful and your employer has treated you with respect and courtesy, do not hesitate to thank him for the opportunity and the experience you have gained. He will likely do the same in his feedback for you.

Tip #4: If the employer is new, help her out by sharing important information.

An employer may not leave feedback because she isn’t familiar with the oDesk system or does not realize how important feedback is. When working with new employers, you can take the initiative and show them how contracts work on oDesk. Share these important links in particular:

Note: As soon as your employer is ready, instruct her to end the contract on her end. It is always better if the employer ends the contract first, so she can immediately settle any remaining payments and leave feedback.

Tip #5: If the contract has ended, let your employer know he can still leave feedback.

With a tight schedule and the urgency to move forward, your employer forgot to leave feedback after your contract ended. That’s okay: You can still invite him to leave a comment about your work.

crisis-planning-for-employers-three-150x136If 14 days have passed since the contract ended, you can enable feedback changes by going to the Contracts page under My Jobs. Once you have done that through your account, your employer can leave feedback by going through his account to the Contracts page under Manage My Team.

Note: You can also negotiate with your employer for a higher rating, if you think you deserve it. Make sure you and your employer mutually agree that the feedback will be changed; it is also possible for an employer to lower your rating instead.

If your employer is unreachable and you have done all you can to ask for feedback, the best thing to do is to leave your own feedback and move on. It may not help your ratings on oDesk, but at least you will be helping your fellow contractors by sharing your own experience with this particular employer.