Enhance Your Upwork Profile for Greater Success


Work is looking Up. Whether you’re a virtual assistant, a writer, or an accountant, a great profile is the key to attracting higher paying jobs and marketing your talent on Upwork. Follow these tips to enhance your profile and ensure it showcases your experience and expertise in the best light. And get set to open the door to better opportunities!

Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind for each section:


Upload a high-quality headshot. Make sure it’s centered, in focus, and high resolution. It should also be professional—dress to impress. And don’t forget to smile. Check out our how-to guide for more tips.


The title section may seem simple, but it’s often overlooked by freelancers. When a client sees your profile, it’s one of the first things they’ll see. These few words can have a big impact on whether a client continues looking at your profile and considering you for the job.

  1. Be simple and succinct. Pick straightforward keywords and create a professional title that aligns with your goals.
  1. Be specific. You want to find your niche. The more precise you can be in your title, the better fit your jobs will be. It might seem like including a long list of skills and saying that you’re a “jack of all trades” will land you jobs in all categories, but that’s not the case. It’s best to highlight the main category you work in and keep your title to less than 10 words. If there’s any extra space left, you can add a few supporting categories.


This is your pitch, so make it count. Use your overview to concisely express what you can do for your client and your experience that goes along with it. To help guide you, answer the following:

  1. What type of work do you want to do and what industry do you want to work in?
  2. How many years of experience do you have?
  3. What systems and software programs have you used?
  4. Do you have any work or accomplishments you’re proud of?
  5. What languages do you speak and are you proficient working in?

Keep this section focused on your category-specific skills and put the most important information first.

Only the first two or three sentences are visible in search results and other pages on Upwork. Make sure the first two sentences grab the reader’s attention and highlight your expertise and talent. And be sure to make it relevant to what you do.

Utilize bullet points to emphasize certain areas, but we do not recommend using a laundry list of skills with few to no examples.

Pro tip: Use the last one to two sentences to list soft skills that pertain to your work (i.e., reliable, prompt, quick learner, etc.).

Introduction Video

Use this section to make yourself really shine. Many freelancers skip this section, which means that having a video will make you stand out. Create an introduction video that is around 30 seconds with a clutter-free background and clear audio and visual settings. Read on how to create a stellar video and for step-by-step instructions.


Focus on the skills that are most important and most relevant to your category and the jobs you apply for. Order these skills by proficiency using the “drag and drop feature.” Pick your top skills, and the more consistent they are with your category and title, the better.

Also, be sure to take some time to assess yourself in our skill-based tests. Employers look at them to validate that you’re the right fit for the project.


The portfolio section is more essential in some categories than others. Include your past work examples and projects to enable viewers to see the quality of your work.


List the certifications you’ve earned to show your specific knowledge and ability in related systems or software for your category.

Employment History

Your employment history is the place to showcase your experience and give clients insight into your past projects and qualifications. Include your previous work experience and focus on projects that relate to the type of job you want. You can use bullet points to highlight achievements and illustrate your specific expertise.


This section further enhances your profile by validating your credentials and educational background. List the institution name and your degree(s) in chronological order beginning with the most recent degree.

Maximize the effectiveness of your profile by being simple yet specific. Be proactive in updating your profile routinely with new experiences and content that will improve your qualifications and help you land more jobs.


Source: https://www.upwork.com/hiring/for-freelancers/enhance-your-profile-for-greater-success/